Create Analog Models with Peace of Mind

    Automatic generation for analog models is not a dream; it’s a reality! MODELZEN™ is an automatic model generator for analog circuits that can translate any circuit into an equivalent SystemVerilog model using XMODEL™ primitives.

Quick and Correct-by-Construction Analog Model Generation

  • Basically, MODELZEN™ generates structural models of given circuits, leveraging the circuit-level simulation capability of XMODEL™.
  • In other words, MODELZEN™ builds models by first characterizing the individual devices composing the circuits and then connecting the resulting device models mimicking the topology of the original circuits.
  • This approach does not require any understanding on the circuits’ functionality and guarantees correct-by-construction models.
  • Furthermore, the generated models run fast with the XMODEL™’s event-driven simulation. With MODELZEN™, you can get your full-chip models ready in just a few hours!

No Analog Expertise Required!

  • With MODELZEN™, you don’t need to be an analog expert to create high-fidelity models for analog circuits.
  • Thanks to MODELZEN™’s structural modeling approach, a verification engineer can generate models for system-level verification without asking for help from the circuit designer.
  • Also, a circuit designer can effortlessly refresh his/her models whenever the circuits are updated.

Create Models with a Mouse Click!

  • When you use MODELZEN™ with GLISTER™, you can auto-generate models directly from Cadence® Virtuoso® schematics just with a mouse click!
  • GLISTER™ streamlines the preparation steps of model generation including netlist generation and property exporting and imports the generated models back into the design database and maintains them up-to-date.