Auto-Extract Analog Models From Circuits

    Automatic generation of analog models is not a dream; it’s a reality! MODELZEN™ is an automatic model generator for analog circuits that can translate any circuit into an equivalent SystemVerilog model using XMODEL™ primitives.

Quick and Correct-by-Construction Analog Model Generation

    Basically, MODELZEN™ generates structural models of the circuits, leveraging the circuit-level simulation capability of XMODEL™. In other words, MODELZEN™ builds models by first characterizing the individual devices composing the circuits and then connecting the resulting device models according to the topology of the original circuits. This approach does not require any understanding on the circuits’ functionality and guarantees correct-by-construction models. Furthermore, the generated models run fast with the XMODEL™‘s event-driven simulation. With MODELZEN™, you can get your full-chip models ready in just a few hours!

No Analog Expertise Required!

    With MODELZEN™, you don’t need to be an analog expert to create high-fidelity models for analog circuits. Thanks to the MODELZEN™‘s structural modeling approach, a verification engineer can generate models for system-level verification without asking for help from the circuit designer. Also, a circuit designer can effortlessly refresh the models whenever his/her circuits are updated.

Create Models with a Mouse Click!

    When you use MODELZEN™ with GLISTER™, you can auto-generate models directly from Cadence® Virtuoso® schematics just with a mouse click! GLISTER™ streamlines the preparation steps of model generation including netlist generation and property exporting, and imports the generated models back into the design database.

Auto-generate functional models
as well as structural models

    MODELZEN™ initially generated structural models, which guarantee correct-by-construction models without requiring analog expertise. However, for some critical blocks, one may be willing to go the extra mile in describing their key functionalities and extract functional models that run faster. The new MODELZEN™ integrates the MODELFIT’s capabilities into its streamlined flow, and can generate the selected parts of the circuits as functional models while generating the rest as structural models.